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We are committed to providing products and service of
exceptional quality on a continuous basis to all our customers.

About Unitrade 745 (Pty) Ltd

Unitrade 745 (Pty) Ltd is responsible for the manufacture and supply of most types of PVC insulated copper cables for the Automotive Industry. Unitrade 745 (Pty) Ltd is an independent company within the Metair Group of Companies, it is situated at 21 Bauhinia Road, Moolla Industrial Area, Kwa Dukuza, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. The Cable manufacturing department was first established in the Hella, Uitenhage plant in 1970 and moved to Isithebe, Kwa Zulu Natal in May of 2002.

In December 2005, the equipment was again relocated to the newly purchased, larger premises in Kwa Dukuza (Stanger). This, due to customer growth.

In its short period of existence in Kwa Dukuza, Unitrade 745 (Pty) Ltd is proud to have achieved certification in ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001: 2008. We are a second tier supplier to Toyota S.A. General Motors & Ford. Unitrade 745 (Pty) Ltd also supply into the Aftermarket with Hella Automotive South Africa, (H.A.S.A) based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, dealing with local and national cable distribution, as well as numerous other after market outlets. Management and staff are committed to customer satisfaction through the implementation of an effective Quality Management as well as Environmental Management Systems. Our mission is to be an internationally competitive manufacturer and distributer of automotive electrical cable.

Our Values:

Customer Orientation
We are committed to providing products and service of exceptional quality on a continuous basis to all our customers.

A fully equipped, in house, laboratory has been established to carry out intensive functional and quality testing of the products manufactured to assure compliance to customer specification. State of the art in-line measuring equipment is in place to ensure the quality of products during manufacture. All test and measuring equipment are periodically serviced and calibrated by SANAS accredited laboratories.

Employee Participation
Team work at all levels is recognized as being vital to the long term success of the company. All employees are encouraged to participate in our future success.

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Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability
We will communicate openly and honestly at all times while at the same time treating one another with dignity, trust and respect. We will provide a non-discriminatory, healthy and safe working environment which allows for the growth and development of all our people. The interests of our company will receive first priority

Creativity and Innovation
Employees are encouraged to seek creative and innovative solutions to workplace problems and to pursue ideas and suggestions which will contribute to increased customer satisfaction and the promotion of our strategic objectives.

A Proud Subsidiary of Metair Investments

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